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WordCamp Copenhagen, Denmark

WordCamp Copenhagen, Denmark 2017 will be the seventh WordCamp on danish soil.


It will be held by docks in the old headquarter of Nokia. Now it is being used by Aalborg University Copenhagen. In other words it is an amazing venue.

Local and international

The danish WordCamps usually have many local speakers but also a few from around the world. Some of the presentations will be held in english. And everyone in Denmark loves to speak english, so it’s easy to blend in.


We usually have a network session at the first day som everyone is “forced” to talk to eachother and get to eachother. It’s fun and insightful.

Wonderful Copenhagen

You should visit WordCamp Copenhagen Denmark, because Copenhagen is one of the most mazing cities in northern Europe. Lots of history, amazing food (many Michelin restaurants which raises the bar for everyone else), museums and much more. People in Copenhagen are very friendly and like to really use their city. Sit in parks, caf├ęs or just stroll around.

Just dive in:

Dates: May 27, 2017 - May 28, 2017

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Venue: Aalborg University Copenhagen

Website: https://2017.copenhagen.wordcamp.org