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WordCamp Taipei

With the constant and heart full Meetups every month, we can feel the passion and enthusiasms toward such events from all of us. That’s why Wordcamp Taipei is our big leap for 2018.
We hope through such interflow, we are able to let more to know Taiwan and also more opportunities and collaborations. On this path, we are not alone but united.
You should come and see the event that a lot of countries have conducted for years, this will be the first time in Taiwan that we bring this opportunity, we welcome you to join us and create this international Meetup together.


隨著我們台北一整年度每個月不間斷的舉辦小聚觀察下來,也感受到大家對於這樣聚會的熱情,因此 WordCamp Taipei 就是我們 2018 年想跨出的一大步。

Dates: October 21, 2018 - October 21, 2018

Location: Taiwan (Taipei)

Venue: 中華電信學院

Website: https://2018.taipei.wordcamp.org